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Our Story

Pictures for Peace started as a school partnership project of the Joyful Learning School, in Sunyani in Ghana/ Africa with its partner school primary school Ehmen/Mörse in Wolfsburg, Germany. On March 11, 2022, the students began to paint their personal pictures of peace. They show their Pictures for Peace from 2 continents in a peace exhibition on the websites of their schools. This is their reaction to the full scale russian invasion started in Ukraine on 24th of February, 2022 .

Then the idea set a precedent

More and more wanted to participate in Pictures For Peace. Viktor Vus, meanwhile, was in Lviv, Lemberg (Ukraine) and worked there with refugee children who could also paint pictures of peace. Prof. Monika Alamdar-Niemann supports refugee families and their children from Iran in Germany. Acquaintances of the primary school Mörse/Ehmen, colleagues from the children's hospital, participated with ideas. The partner school project Pictures of Peace began to grow beyond itself. We were thrilled and felt that Pictures of Peace is contagious, that it really broadens peace. The plan arose to run the initiative around the globe. So a common platform was sought.

We received valuable support from journalist and PR expert Yaroslava Katolyk (Press Association UA)  and lawyer Alina Sushchyk, who are from Kyiv. They are our creative team, that implement and promote ourjoint project. Sofia Samoylova, who documented the trauma-solving training and work in Ukraine by the Wolfsburg Institute KIM e.V., organized donations.

Alina & Yaroslava from Press Association UA contributed the good idea that it is worthwhile to supplement the growing exhibition of peace paintings with an auction. Individual pictures could be purchased for a donation in order to use the money to support the work for the children affected by the war. Thus, images of peace lead to the renewal of peace in children's health. The focus is on the regeneration and therapy of trauma consequences to improve their psychophysical health, as taught and provided by the Kim e.V. Institute.

The images on this page are dedicated to all those who need peace, comfort and strength. They can be seen anywhere there is Internet - even in Ukraine in the metro stations they are transmitted via the screens. Now you can be there.

Send your Pictures of Peace either by mail or Whatsapp to:
AlinaSusс +380963061055 +380996612234


Donation account for trauma-solving work of the Institute KIM e.V. for children with war consequences: Keyword: Trauma emergency aid Ukraine - Volksbank BraWo IBAN DE15 2699 1066 8432 1120 00

Since 2017, the Wolfsburg Institute KIM e. V./ has trained experts in trauma-solving counselling in Ukraine according to the KIM. Even before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on 24 February 2022, there were over two million internally displaced persons in Ukraine. People who have fled the armed conflicts from eastern Ukraine and Crimea since 2014, some of whom have been severely traumatized, urgently need help. Now, in view of the many war refugees from Ukraine here in Germany, we would like to pass on our experience and knowledge in trauma-solving advice in Ukrainian and German to interested helpers in order to be able to provide first aid to as many refugees as possible in coping with their terrible experiences. For this we need your support.

Contact us: Olga Olijnik +49 176 3805 5531 and Reinhild Zenk +49 1711985029

Institut KIM e.V. 38442 Wolfsburg, Hattorfer Str. 18 b, Germany